Esalba |

Esalba metal is a joint venture of Albakom Metal, which has been specializing as a metal part subcontractor since 1942, and Cerrahgil A.S, which has been operating in shipping since 1921.

Esalba Metal came into operation in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone in January, 2007 with the claim to be the most modern metal parts subcontractor factory in Turkey.

The company provides metal shaping service to the sectors such as automotive, built-in kitchen appliances, and metal rack systems both domestically and internationally.

The company focuses on specialized and custom-made production lines and cells/projects for metal processing.

It produces built-in kitchen appliances with its Tragen brand. 

Mission&Vision |

Our Mission;
To be a company offering products and solutions with high added value to various sectors, especially the automotive industry, for their sheet metal part needs, while ensuring sustainable growth by closely following the changing market requirements and technological developments.

Our Vision;
To increase our added value in the production of assembled and welded sheet metal parts by investing in innovative production technologies and skilled manpower and to become a company of preference in mainstream industries.

Our Values

  1. Being customer focused
  2. Respecting people
  3. Respecting the environment
  4. Striving for continuous improvement
  5. Being dynamic 
  6. Working with team spirit
  7. Being collaboration focused
  8. Being innovation oriented 
  9. Being trustworthy
  10. Commiting to ethical values

Quality Policy |


In line with the expectations of our internal and external customers, our biggest principle is to increase the efficiency and productivity of our Quality Management System in order to be a company which creates value by following the new technologies, by respecting the employees and the environment and by aiming continuous improvement.

In order to make this principle of ours realized, we undertake:

• To ensure continuity continuously by implementing the Management Systems standards, to produce products in line with customer specific requirements and legal requirements,

• To meet customer demands with the highest quality and efficiency, to identify possible customer requirements in advance, to provide customer satisfaction with timely and solution approach to customer complaints,

• To fulfill the requirements of customers and other organizations they interact with us, in particular all legal requirements related to environmental dimensions and occupational safety,

• To adopt the fact that the only acceptable figure in the customer complaint, the environmental impact and the work accident is zero,

• To select, evaluate and develop its suppliers in accordance with customer expectations, OHS and EMS activities,

• To be a profitable, growing, developing company and to satisfy the business partners,

• To act with the awareness that most important potential is knowledge to become a modern company, accommodate to the conditions of competition and realize our mission and vision,

• To increase the competences and motivation of our employees to conclude the works done by them on time and in correct quality in one time,

To bring the teamwork into forefront to make the full potential of our employees useful, within a flexible and plain management model without being associated with the function and level.


Environment and Work Safety |


The common goal of the top management and all employees of ESALBA METAL San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is to establish an integrated environmental/ohs management system jibing with the expectations and requirements of our employees, our customers and society by taking the purpose and context of our organization at every stage of our activities. in compliance with our vision, mission and other policies in accordance with the requirements of the environmental/occupational health and safety management system and relevant legislation and to improve its effectiveness continuously   

In line with this policy, the following principles have been determined:

1)    Maintaining an Environmentl/Occupational Health and Safety Management System which is supported by the top management and adopted and implemented by all employees, and which is controlled and revised as well as continuously open and improved to be monitored by the relevant parties;

2)    To provide all necessary resources and assign assignments and responsibilities for the effective implementation of the environmental management system for all activities to be able to be carried out within the scope of continuous improvement,

3)    To adopt and follow the environmental objectives in line with the strategic direction and context adopted by the company.

4)    To encourage and support the organization of necessary training and awareness activities in order to understand the importance of compliance with the requirements of effective environmental management and environmental management system.

5)    To carry out performance evaluations of operations and processes periodically in order to reach the intended outputs of the environmental management system,

6)    To determine, authorize and support the personnel who will contribute to the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System

7)    To provide the necessary support each employee, who works in their own work area/flow, to fulfills the environmental and osh rules.

8)     With respect to the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment; to meet the requirements of all customers and other organizations in interaction with us, in particular, the legal requirements;

9)    To create accident-free work environments with the conscious of “occupational healthy first” and to develop systems to minimize our losses in an emergency,

10) To comply with the environmental and occupational health and safety rules in all production operations,

11)   To target to protect all the Human Resources within the business boundaries from health deterioration and injuries occuring in work accidents,

12)  To carry out risk analyzes effectively and reduce the risk levels,

13)  To keep the amount of all wastes and their effect to the environment under control, make these reduced, to preclude environmental pollution,

14)   To reduce the consumption of energy and other natural resources to minimum by encouraging and supporting the effective use, recycling and re-evaluation activities;

15) To establish environmental awareness and work safety culture in all our employees and suppliers and to ensure continuous improvement by encouraging their works in this area;

16)   To use recyclable raw materials and technology, which have less environmental effect and more recyclability, in product and process design, production process and, in all activities as much as possible, 

17) Carrying out the necessary studies to eliminate the dangers that may occur within the business and to reduce the occupational health and safety risks.

18) Providing consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives.


    Social Compliance and Ethic Policy

    Social Compliance and Ethic Policy

    Our company, which acts in accordance with the principle of “Human First” at every stage of production and management, undertakes;

    • To continuously observe and comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the standards that we apply voluntarily.

    • Not to employ forced or involuntary workers; to respect the the rights of employees to participate in the union and for collective bargaining,

    • Do not discriminate employees for any reason or application, to rank them equal with each other,

    • To take measures to prevent bribery and corruption in all activities of the company and in all business relations of the employees,

    • To make to the Employees normal and overtime payments determined in the laws and collective bargaining agreements, and to provide social benefits specified in the collective bargaining agreement.

    • To comply with applicable laws and obligations in determining working hours.

    • To determine the occupational health and safety criteria in all our activities with the risk analysis approach, and to ensure the criteria to be applied by the employees by providing them trainings,

    • To act in accordance with the procedures and principles of child and young workers and not to employ workers under the age of 18, and not to employ child labor in any of our subcontractors who are in business relations with us; and if any situation of child labor is detected in our organization or in our sub-suppliers; to notify this situation to our customers and to direct the child worker to the school and follow and control him/her.

    • To take all kinds of measures and to carry out controls in order to prevent our employees from being subjected to harassment and abuse.

    • To take measures to prevent the use of drugs such as alcohol and drugs that prevent employees from working safely and effectively in the workplace.

    • To prevent environmental contamination and reduce pollution at their sources based on environmental dimensions and impact assessment.

    • To ensures continuity and continuous improvement in social compliance, occupational health and safety and environmental activities.

    Work Ethics

    • Communication: The authority to make an announcement to any media company on behalf of our company is the Chairman of the Board of Directors or a senior manager of the company to be authorizeby the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    • Confidentiality: Our employees are not allowed to disclose any information, which is confidential or inconvenient to be disclosed, about the company or their shareholders when they learnt while carrying out their duties in any environment.

    • Not Receiving Any Gift: Our employees are not allowed to demand gifts from the persons with whom they have a business relationship. In addition, the departments and employees that are in cooperation with external customers and suppliers are not allowed to accept gifts from customers and suppliers, and our employees are obliged to inform to all customers and suppliers, that are in cooperation with, about the rules on not receiving gifts. They refuse all kinds of gifts (money, goods, services, etc.) and must  inform the manager about this situation. However, gifts with symbolic value that will not make employees under obligation on special days of the year are excluded from this scope.

    • Conflicts of Interest: Company interests should be kept above personal interests. Our employees are not allowed to use their duties and authorities in any way for personal gain. For this, they must avoid any kind of procedures and actions that would harm the company. Corruption can never be accepted.

    • Competition: Our company should pay utmost importance to act legally, openly, honestly and ethically while competing.

    Our responsibilities

    To our customers, suppliers and shareholders;

    • We must act equally without any discrimination.

    • We must take care of the confidentiality of information about them.

    • We must respect their rights and interests and behave ethically in our business relations with them.

    • We should take a leading role in the solution of any disputes that may arise.

    Our employees

    • It is forbidden to discriminate any race, language, religion, gender etc. in all kinds of business and communication with our employees. 

    • During recruitments, we decide based on the requirements of the job.

    • We provide career opportunities to our employees and encourage them to use these opportunities.

    • We support a communication environment in which our employees can easily present their opinions and suggestions.

    • We rely on our employees` loyalty and sense of responsibility. We do not doubt that they will always act in the work ethics and will avoid any conflicts of interest.

    • Personal information of our employees is kept carefully and cannot be given to third parties in company or out of the company unless receiving their permission.

    • We always try to create a healthy, safe and peaceful work environment for our employees.

    We respect and protect the legal rights of our employees.

    • We offer equal opportunities to all our employees starting from their recruitment.

    • We attach importance to training for our employees` business skills and personal development.

    • We work within the legal working hours.

    • We respect the personal lives of our employees.

    • We do not employ child labor.

     Compliance with Law and Ethics Rules

    • We act in accordance with the rules of law and ethics in all our activities and we avoid attitudes and behaviors that would contradict the ethical rules and interests of the society.

    Business Manager

    Sustainability Policy

    1. PURPOSE

    The purpose of the Policy is to explain ESALBA METAL INDUSTRY A.Ş. and (ESALBA) Sustainability Policy.

    2. SCOPE

    This policy applies to ESALBA METAL INDUSTRY A.Ş.`s own operations and all business partners and suppliers providing products and services on behalf of ESALBA METAL INDUSTRY A.Ş.


    Our sustainability policy aims to respect the ecological system in all our subsidiaries and affiliates in order to live in a cleaner world, to leave a more livable life for future generations and to protect our natural and cultural heritage. In this context, our Company addresses its sustainability activities on the basis of environmental, social and corporate governance and updates its activities in this field every day. The Incorporation holds ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, implements policies regarding the Environmental Management System, acts with a sense of responsibility towards nature and the environment, and carries out its activities in line with the principle of respect for the environment.

    3.1 STRATEGY

    We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our business activities and continuously improving our environmental performance. We aim to reduce the use of water and natural resources in all our operations and use them in the most efficient way possible. We carry out efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated as a result of our operations at the source and dispose of it as stipulated by the legislation. We consider our fair, responsible and accountable management approach, ethical principles, environmental sustainability, human and employee rights in the work environment, occupational health and safety, supplier relations and social contributions as an integral part of our business. 

    • By making arrangements for waste management; to control and dispose of packaging and solid wastes and to minimize the wastes arising from our activities.
    • To help protect nature and the environment by investing in renewable and clean energy.
    • To help protect natural resources by using energy effectively and efficiently.
    • Providing training to staff to ensure the protection of the environment.
    • Raising awareness on environmental sustainability by informing staff about the Environmental Law and other legal regulations.
    • To take all necessary measures regarding occupational health and safety. Eliminating the factors that lead to occupational accidents.
    • To continuously improve all processes by managing risks effectively,
    • Improving company performance and efficiency of production,
    • To comply with national and international regulatory requirements,
    • Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction,
    • Sharing sustainable environmental policy practices with the public in a transparent manner,
    • To present Corporate Social Responsibility activities to stakeholders in line with the Company`s strategies, goals and priorities,
    • Adopting Corporate Governance Principles, particularly ethical values and anti-corruption, as a corporate culture,
    • It includes the principles of conveying sustainability awareness to our suppliers, sharing our strategy and supporting our suppliers to develop in this direction.

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