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Metal Industry and Esalba

Metal Industry and Esalba

2 Ocak 2024 Salı

What is the Metal Industry? 

The metal industry is the sector that provides metal production, processing and shaping services to main industries such as automotive, construction and white goods. These enterprises, which utilize engineering and technology at the highest level, produce various products for different industry branches. They are generally characterized by complex processes, high precision, and quality requirements.

Eskisehir Metal Industry 

Eskisehir is a highly developed region in terms of the metal industry in Turkey. Due to the dominance of the aerospace and defense industries in the region, and the region having a strong industrial base, metal industry facilities are densely located in and around Eskişehir.

Esalba Metal Industry and Trade Inc.

Esalba Metal Industry is a metal industry facility located in the Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. Our company, which has been operating as a metal part supplier in the automotive and white goods sectors since 1942, embarked on a journey in 2007 with the name Esalba Metal Industry with the claim of being Turkey`s most modern metal part supplier. Today, it still provides metal services to global players in the automotive and white goods sectors with various processes and manufactures its built-in kitchen products under the TRAGEN brand.

Productions at the Eskisehir Esalba Factory

1.     Automotive Components Production 
Automotive components production includes the production of various parts for automobile manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket. Various metal products such as engine parts, transmissions, suspension systems, electrical and electronic components are included in this group. You can find examples of the automotive parts we produce in the products section of our website.

2. White Goods Components Production 
White goods components production covers the production of parts for household appliances, commonly known as white goods. Accessories and components for white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and boilers fall under this group. You can review the references section of our website for the white goods companies we produce for.

3. Built-in Kitchen Products Production 
The production of built-in kitchen products includes the design and production of products such as ovens, stoves, hoods, and microwave ovens used in kitchens. The built-in kitchen products group, which becomes more aesthetic and functional when integrated into surfaces in the kitchen, is produced in line with future kitchen technologies with engineering and design. For detailed information about the built-in kitchen products we produce under the TRAGEN brand, you can take a look at our articles titled Built-in Cooking Group and TRAGEN.

The industries we serve are dynamic sectors that are constantly evolving due to factors such as the complexity of production processes and the variability of customer demands. Investing in innovative technologies, maintaining engineering strength, following market trends, and factors such as quality control, energy efficiency, and sustainability are the most important focus points of the Esalba Metal Industry.

Metal Industry and Esalba
Metal Industry and Esalba

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