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We Have Received Our Carbon Footprint Report

We Have Received Our Carbon Footprint Report

13 Ocak 2024 Cumartesi

Metal Industry and Sustainability

The topic of the metal industry and sustainability is an area that Esalba Metal focuses on with great importance, continually improving its practices within this scope. The concept of sustainability encompasses our efforts to manage our industrial production processes in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable way. In the context of the metal industry and sustainability, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of metal processing processes, increase energy efficiency, use resources more efficiently, and consequently enhance the well-being of society.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Reducing environmental impact is a fundamental responsibility for Esalba. Like any industry, metal processing processes have certain outputs that can cause significant environmental effects. Our sustainability approach requires us to adopt and integrate various environmental policies and technologies to minimize these impacts. Practices such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and water management are concepts that we work on and embrace as part of our corporate policies.

Energy Efficiency

We are aware that metal production generally requires high energy consumption, and we recognize the importance of energy efficiency in line with sustainability. Therefore, we encourage the implementation of actions related to energy efficiency by sustainability in relevant policies and internal rules. We also take an informative and guiding position on these concepts within our internal environment, consisting of employees and customers. This includes applying quality standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower the carbon footprint, and decrease energy costs.

Circular Economy

The circular economy system ensures that metal parts and products are recycled at the end of their production and use, providing more efficient and effective resource utilization. Recycling parts, products, or scrap prevents resource depletion and reduces waste.

Social Impacts

In terms of social impacts, sustainability also encompasses aspects such as the health, safety, rights of employees, and the general well-being of the community. Large industrial organizations like Esalba Metal have a significant responsibility to provide employees with safe, healthy, and quality working conditions, as well as to support their development and well-being, contributing to communities. This responsibility is crucial for being a socially responsible company.

Innovation and Technology

In terms of innovation and technology, sustainability encourages the development, dissemination, and use of new technologies. This may involve the use or application of more environmentally friendly methods or materials.

In a holistic view, an approach that aims to increase the environmental and social responsibility of industrial production emerges. This approach requires the consideration and improvement of production processes to benefit both the environment and society. In the environmental context, we have had our carbon footprint measured in collaboration with the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Sustainable Green Industry Unit. You can follow our corporate website or Esalba`s Linkedin page to track the actions to be taken based on this report.

We Have Received Our Carbon Footprint Report
We Have Received Our Carbon Footprint Report

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