Project and Design |

Project and Design

Various type of parts design, tooling design, rollform kines, robotic applications, welding fixtures, assembled parts are firstly projected in our engineering and R&D departments and then prototyped and commissioned together with our long term business partners, who have various disciplines, working with us.

CNC Center |

CNC Center
With CNC Seaming Centers and wire erosion machines, both the parts for mold, machine, apart production and serial production are processed.

Tooling |

We make molds with various cnc machines and mold simulation programs. We make progressive, tandem, transfer molds and We add various technologies into the molds.

Press Lines |

Press Lines
The production is supported by processing capacity for flat sheet metal in various thicknesses between 0.30mm to 5mm with C type, H type, hydraulic, precision blanking, transfer presses up to 800T. We have roll opener and servo drive systems to produce flat sheets of various widths and thicknesses in series.

Roll Forming Lines |


Roll Forming Lines
Bending, cutting and spot welding of specially designed rollform lines of high   quantity    parts are carried out.

Robotic Welding Lines |

Robotic Welding Lines
Precise robotic weldinglines, fixtures and checking tools, that we design in accordance with the requirements of the projects, are produced.

Assembly |

Various types of built in appliances and automotive parts are assembled and grouped with various techniques.

Labs |