Selection and Placement |

Being human resources, our aim is to add most qualified manpower who will carry ESALBA to the future and has ESALBA competence, among us and to evaluate the most appropriate applicant for most appropriate position through objective means.

Our employment procedure starts with announcing the open positions via contractual websites in line with the staff plan. Candidate pools are created from the received applications for the open positions and the most suitable applicants are invited to interview after the evaluations made based on the requirements of the position.

During the interview, foreign language test, personality test and competence based assessment and evaluation methods and tools are used. Applicants are taking into interview with Human Resources Official for “competence based interview” at first and then the department and senior managers of relevant department in terms of personality and professional competence criteria. The applicants who are successful, are included in "Assessment Center" application.

As the result of evaluation, employment procedure ends with making an offer to the most proper applicant. The applicants, who are not offered job, are informed about their evaluation results. These applicants are kept in "ESALBA Applicant Data Base" to be evaluated for proper positions in the future.

Performance Management |

In ESALBA, the Performance Management System is a system in which the company objectives and personal objectives are managed together. After the top management announces the company objectives, the studies are started to determine the personal objectives. Personal performance objectives are determined by degrading the company objectives from top to bottom and considering the contribution of the employee to the company objectives. Main principle for constituting the personal objectives is that the administrator and personnel come together and agree on objectives. During the objective determination stage, the necessary precautions are ensured to be taken for the employee to achieve his objectives.

Employees' performances are monitored monthly through personnel objectives.

The objectives are reviewed by face to face between administrator and personnel at midyear and these are evaluated annually at the end of the year. In accordance with the evaluation results, the training and development requirements of the personnel are determined. The scoring made based on each objective realization status is calculated in compliance with objectives' weights and it determines the personnel's year-end performance premium.

Wage Management |

In ESALBA, salaries and vested benefits of blue and White-collar staff is designated according to the wage system.

In wage system, a level-based management that we show attention of being competitive with the market conditions is applied.

Carreer Management |

The knowledge, experience, competence and performance results of our employees are evaluated to improve and direct their career.

In this direction, the employees, who has the qualifications of an upper, vacant positions or the positions to be backed up, are evaluated horizontally and vertically within organization based on their interests and expectations. In this process, the employees attend to Development Center application.

In accordance with the results of Development Center, the development plans are prepared and consulting service is provided to the employee and his/her administrator in accordance with employee's expectations and development.

Education and Progress |

Required development areas are designated and provided to be put into practice for ensuring our employees do their jobs better in the direction of company objectives and develop the potential that they have.

The priority of training and development department is to design and realize the training modules that promotes technical and behavioral progress on the bases of work groups. Even though the training methods used in modules may vary based on its content they can be classified as theoretical training, practical training, outdoor activities, and the trainings with simulation or attendance to the conferences and summits.

Within the scope of our total productive maintaining activities in our facility, on-the-job- training is developed particularly for blue-collar employees. After all, the consciousness raising trainings like TPM, Kaizen, Autonomous-Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance, Quality Trainings, Worker's Health and Safety trainings are provided to all the employees.

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